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Creative Ingenuity Services

Need consulting for a new idea, professional development assistance for your team, a boost and spark from awesome creative minds? We’re an extension of your business or brand. Experienced idea architects that “get it.” We make each project as organized and streamlined as possible. No fluff and no extra challenges to face.

In-Depth Marketing Services

Every sector of business is built on a foundation of facts. Marketing is the inroads to your demographic and can make all the difference in how effective your organization’s business presence and reach is. We understand how important it is to know your market. We can help. We can assist today no matter what stage your business is in.

Interactive Services

Product Packages. Websites. E-Commerce. Logos. Book Covers. CD/Audio Covers. Single and Double Sided Flyer Designs. Commercial Billboard Designs. Backdrop Red Carpet Designs. Posters. Application Graphics. Business Cards. Corporate Branding Packages. Letterheads. Brochures. Magazine Layouts.

Complete Digitization & Modernization

The internet and strong branding is interlocked with a strong online presence. The process doesn’t have to be complicated. We can streamline your needs, give you a viable schedule and protect everything you value most. If you’re ready to digitize do it with precision. We have experts on standby waiting to help.

Technology Advanced Services

Keeping up with the latest technology and advancement is a full time job by itself. We live on the cutting edge of the intersection of function and flair. Our team of experienced creative minds take are an extension of your team. The biggest priority is your success. We make your start-up, rebrand, maintenance and project come to life.

Updates & Continuous Support

We’ve got you covered it comes to maintenance and updates. We can auto-update to your customized elements and take care of your hosting, SEO and more all in one place. Free training for popular content management systems for every website we build. Training can be ordered separately if you have a pre-existing website.


"You're So DOPE! You always know exactly how to translate my rambling into the best visuals."

− Kasey Woods, Founder My Manic Memoirs

""Stay Cool and Beautiful!""

− 50 Cent

"God Bless You, Mecca Donna!"

− Russell Simmons

"Mecca Donna is a hard worker & gets behind what she believes in 100%"

− Rudy Currence, Grammy Winner

"We're Going to Change the Face on Hip-Hop Online Together"

− Cedric, Founder The Industry Cosign

"You're a Beautiful Person. Inside and Out."

− Usher

"Thanks for Saving Deltas of Charlotte Foundation at the last minute. "

− Alisa Joseph

"AMAZING WORK! I am so pleased to be working with such a quality professional. "

− DL Chandler, Kappa Alpha Psi, Inc. Hartford Alumni Chapter

"MeccaDonna is buzzworthy."

− Kumasi, Black Wall Street Artist

"Mecca Digitalé is a world apart from other designers.Her keen eye & attention to detail makes the right details POP!"

− Khalil Ismail, KhalilIsmail.com

100% Responsive Design

Mobile compatible and ready website design so it looks awesome no matter what platform its viewed on. We’ll test it until we get it right.

Polished Winning Quality

Need the best functionality and the best over all quality of work all the way around. Take our 360 challenge.It’s a win win situation.

Extensive Detailing

Details make the design. Don’t take our word for it. “Details matter, it’s worth waiting to get it right.” Steve Jobs. Everybody listens to Steve.

Loaded With Goodies

We’re known to always give a little surprise touch as a gift to clientele.It’s good for heart. Good deeds make the world go ’round.

Ready To Stand Out?

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Our Star Studded Staff Is Just Getting Started

The Superstar

Khalil Ismail

Khalil Ismail

Back End Professional. Videography. Producer.

Having Ismail on our team is like having 5 additional people. He has a degree in computer science, is a masterful arranger and music producer and that's not all. He is a proficient video director and video editor. Not enough for you? He's a chart topping, rising, internacionale star rapper & vocalist. He's the strong, slightly quiet type- except when he morphs into one of his alter personalities behind a mic. He's half man. Half amazing.

The Phantom

Mecca Donna

Mecca Donna

Design. Graphics. Publicity.

Her work is highly seen- just not her. She ghost writes and designs. MD makes things look good. Meticulous. A blitzkrieg of creativity. Drives the staff bonkers. Everything has to work as good as it looks and that's a tall order every time. She's all demands and constantly pushing the envelope. Her own worse critic. The first person on your list of die hards on speed dial to pull off a miracle in the 11th hour when your life depends on it.

The Instigator

Lynn Cooper

Lynn Cooper

Social Media Professional. Client Wrangler.

This one is ALWAYS starting something.Literally. She's a publicist turned business owner, wife, mom and friend. Need an encouraging word? She's a great place to stop for advice, encouragement and insights that literally boosts a business or brands presence. She knows what she's doing. Need a jump start - there's none more highly recommended. CEO Socially Ahead, she has a stake in Cafe Mocha Radio, & contributes to Black Enterprise.

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Christina Johnson


Khalil Ismail


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